Quality assurance system of education

Quality assurance system of education
The quality of education is the degree to which the educational services provided by the educational institution meet the needs of consumers; educational standards; educational, cultural and economic policies of society.

Passing of licensing and accreditation procedures

The establishment of education is obliged to ensure compliance with the requirements of licensing legislation, licensing requirements and conditions for the implementation of the activity. State accreditation is a procedure that confirms the conformity of the content and quality of educational activities, the level of graduates' preparation to the requirements of educational standards, and establishes the right of an education institution to issue to graduates documents of a standard pattern on the formation of an appropriate level. DQCEP conducts organizational arrangements for the preparation and conduct of self-monitoring of the activities of the Academy, the procedure for state accreditation.

Organizational and methodological support of the quality management system

The management of the quality of education is a purposeful, organizing, controlling and regulating interaction of all structures of the educational institution to ensure the quality of education in order to achieve optimally high results. The quality management system is a set of organizational structure, methods, processes and resources necessary for overall quality management. It is designed to continuously improve the performance, increase the competitiveness of the organization on the national and world markets. OKKOP provides: the functioning of the quality management system in the academy; organization and conduct of internal audits; maintenance and implementation of inspection controls and certification.

Monitoring the quality of educational program implementation

Monitoring - collection, system accounting, processing and analysis of information on the organization and results of the educational process for the effective management of the quality of education in the institution. In order to improve the quality of education, OCSOP implements: monitoring the quality of the educational process on the basis of materials provided by the faculties of the results of the current and final certification of students; monitoring the quality of graduate training - based on the feedback provided by customers to determine the level of theoretical and practical training, problems of adaptation, analysis of the professional growth of graduates.