Design and development of educational programs

Design and development of educational programs
It is natural that high-quality education is rightfully considered a good investment in a prosperous future and financial stability. Legal education is a treasure, but the key to it is work. To achieve the goals of education, an education system has been created with a set of interacting components. One of the main components of the education system are educational programs.

Educational programs

The educational program of higher education is a set of documentation that regulates the educational process and the conditions necessary to obtain a certain level of education in accordance with the expected results. Educational programs establish: goals; Expected results; structure and content of education; conditions for the implementation of the educational process; system of activity of teaching staff and students; means and technologies for assessing the quality of training students.
Basic principles of the development of educational programs

Development of educational standards

The content of the educational program by establishing the requirements for the educational process and the results of mastering its content is determined by the technical normative legal act - the educational standard.
The basic structural elements of the educational standard
The sequence of designing educational standards

Opening of training in new specialties

The opening of the training is carried out according to the profiles, areas of education, specialties, specializations included in the National Qualifier of the Republic of Belarus "Specialties and Qualifications".