Department of quality control of educational process

Department of quality control of educational process
The purpose of the department is to improve the quality of the educational process and ensure its compliance with the requirements of educational standards and normative legal acts in force in the Republic of Belarus.

Functions of the department are:

Implementation of a set of measures for the design, development and implementation of higher education educational programs;

Coordination of licensing and accreditation of educational programs; analytical and statistical processing of data on licensing standards, accreditation indicators and indicators of self-monitoring of institutions of higher education;

Supervising the organization of work on the development of scientific and methodological support of educational programs in the preparation of educational and programmatic documentation for all specialties (specializations);

Implementation of organizational and methodological support for the development and implementation of the quality management system of education, the development of documentation of the quality management system;

Conducting analysis of the results of current and final attestation, development and introduction of proposals for improving the educational process; monitoring the quality of graduate training.