Teaching staff about business games

Constant seminars to improve the professional skills of teachers are not only invaluable information from the educational and methodical management, but also an incredible charge of positive emotions. Those present at the next meeting could be convinced of this.

Since modern society, including law enforcement, requires specialists of a new generation who are able to make decisions independently, be active, adapt flexibly to rapidly changing living conditions, which is why real-time modeling is increasingly used in the educational process. However, teachers do not always know how to properly use this format for conducting classes. In this regard, the seminar was devoted to the use of business games in the teaching of academic disciplines.

The first part of the event was devoted to the rules of preparing and organizing business games. Tatiana Shcherba, Head of the Methodological Department for the Educational Process, told about the features of the selection of game tasks, the development of the rules of the game, the definition of the role structure and the role distribution procedure. Seminar participants also learned that they should include a business game scenario, as well as requirements for the main and final stages of the training session.

Surprise was the second part of the seminar. Senior teacher and methodologist Ruslan Bereznyov presented harmful tips on how to easily reduce the effect of a business game and become the worst teacher in a relatively short period of time. The speech was accompanied by exercises that clearly demonstrated one or another advice.

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