Graduation in school of teacher-beginner

Diamond does not shine without grinding or the legend of the academy teachers-beginners.

The third graduation lesson of the renewed school of teacher-beginner of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took place. Problem lectures, training seminars, round tables with teachers-beginners, as well as individual assistance from the staff of the teaching and methodical management in preparing plans and conducting pilot classes became the hallmark of our school.

Like any successful business, the school has its own history, its almost fabulous legend. What is this legend about? Let's find out ...

“The greatest hunters served in various divisions of the internal affairs bodies. In their craft, they achieved such heights that they had no equal. They transferred their knowledge to many people, but could not call anyone their students.

They learned about the school of teacher-beginner and came into it with a desire to learn pedagogical skills, to comprehend all the subtleties and features of teaching.

For almost a year they attended classes and tried to find their way in the secrets of pedagogical skills. They learned about educational software and educational documentation, the actualization of supporting knowledge, visualization tools, reflective techniques and much more.

By the end of the first year, they decided that they had found their way in the essence of teaching skills. For not only the content of the educational material, but also the methods of its presentation became the main ones for them. They told about this discovery to the employees of the educational and methodical department. They thought and said:

- And now you have to grasp what is above this and what is the basis of our school.

- What do we need to do for this? Do we have to attend classes for a few more years? - students were a little confused.

- You have exhausted your soul with the search for hidden meaning - the teachers smiled. - Try to get rid of it and open in yourself a love for what you are doing. Maybe you were looking for something that was constantly in you, and you just need to feel it."

... The love for the teaching profession, the desire to become masters of their craft was demonstrated during the school year in the 2018-2019 school year, 13 employees of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including former adjuncts and undergraduates, university graduates, practical employees of the internal affairs bodies. The ability to accurately calculate time for lesson, it is logical to build a sequence of its stages, explain the material, establish relationships with cadets - this is not a complete list of knowledge and skills acquired by teachers-beginners. As you know, the master - it is particularly well-versed or expert in their work specialist. Graduates of our school are such specialists in their work:

Romanovskiy Andrey - master of using video clips, who can make the process of obtaining knowledge fascinating and interactive;

Verenich Andrei - master of lexical exercises, who forms the communicative skills of students, oral and written speech;

Mikulsky Vadim - master of educational quests in English, who developes the general cultural and professional competencies of cadets in the process of foreign language communication;

Starikovich Tatiana - master of comprehension and combination of various techniques in order to increase the efficiency of work with electronic materials;

Lutovich Pavel - master of a clear demonstration of the techniques of drawing up official documents, based on his own extensive practical experience;

Bespalov Vitaly - master of the requisites of business documents, possessing comprehensive knowledge of the basics of clerical work, competent documentation of official activities and business correspondence;

Rudko Vadim - master tatami, methodically honing the cadets' mastery of combat techniques in combat for successfully solving operational tasks;

Stalbovsky Vadim - master of wise sayings, stimulating learning and cognitive activity of cadets with the help of aphorisms, reflecting the diversity of worldviews of prominent people;

Tit Alexander - master of Ishikawa diagrams, revealing the causal relationships of criminal law through the visualization and organization of knowledge;

Yanchin Vitaly - master of a business game, using the rich practical experience of a law enforcement officer to solve practical problems in conditions as close as possible to real ones;

Gigevich Alexander - master of game teaching methods, combining various learning games to create a special competitive atmosphere in the classroom;

Sergeychik Alexey - master of reports, organizing seminars and conferences for the formation of self-cognitive skills of students;

Nester Ivan - master of the use of polygons, who believes that the formation of practical skills is impossible without creating a real situation and interactive learning.

Commemorative diplomas at the graduation lesson of the school were presented by the first deputy head of the academy, colonel of militia Alexei Bashan.


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