Infographics: the art of presenting data

Infographics allows you to find out in 5 minutes what it would take half a day to study the tables and expert assessments. Analysts and designers pack information into stories or clearly explain some complex process. These are not just pictures and diagrams, this is a full-fledged graphic story.

How to create an interesting infographic, with no special design skills, was discussed today at the meeting of the School for beginner's teacher at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior.

The first thing you need to learn when developing an infographic is to choose the most important thing. Next, determine the structure and think over the story. When the data is collected and the main idea is clear, you can think about the form. Many services allow you to create infographics online in three clicks. It was with such Internet resources that the students of the School met.

For example, Piktochart, a service that transforms information into visual stories. For interactive charts it is better to use the Infogram. It works through a table similar to Excel, in which you need to enter your data. You can customize the type of graphics, color scheme and the way to switch tabs, if there is a lot of data. Such work can be inserted into the presentation.Beginner teachers familiarized themselves with the service, studied the library of pictograms, forms and arrows presented on it. We received detailed instructions for working in this program and a creative task for independent work.

Julia Kozyak, Department of methodological support

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