Back to school ... of beginning lecturer

The lesson was held in the form of training on the use of reflexive techniques in the educational process.

Senior lecturer-methodist candidate of juridical sciences, major of police Ruslan Bereznyov noted that teachers who are just starting their professional way often do not attach importance to this stage of the lesson as reflexion. It seems that they have heard and know what it is, but in practice it is often presented in the form of multi-colored cards or various pictures, which students raise together or attach to the board at the end of the lesson. Sometimes the teacher is limited to the question: “Did you like the lesson?” All students together answer: “Yes, exactly” - and this is where the reflection ends.

It would seem that nothing to complain about. Reflection was. Lesson was appreciated. But one should not forget that reflection is what modern pedagogy aspires to: learn not theories, but learn to learn. The realization that reflection helps the teacher to control the educational process, during the lesson, to see what was understood and what remained for revision, comes with time and experience, - stated the employee of educational and methodical management.

Before the demonstration of individual techniques, Ruslan Bereznyov briefly revealed the main aspects of the topic: the concept, purpose and types of reflection.

Then participants took direct part in the training. At first they were asked to write a synquain - a poem dedicated to the topic of the lesson and consisting of five lines, each of which is subject to certain rules. After listening to several works, the reception “Football field” was demonstrated.

The greatest interest was aroused by such a technique as the “Reflective Target”. It was conducted using such educational software as Plickers. The technology is based on the use of special cards that are printed on a paper sheet and represent a QR code for reading by a smartphone or tablet.

At the end of the lesson, a new rubric of the site for the teaching and methodological management was announced, where modern innovative methods and teaching aids will be posted, a review of publications in the field of higher education pedagogy.

Department of methodological support of the educational process.