Focus is on Practical Orientation of Training

The Scientific and Methodological Council held a meeting on practice-oriented training at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on December 12, 2018

Permanent members of the Council and invited persons discussed issues related to the organization of practice oriented-training at the I and II levels of higher education and at the level of additional adult education. As part of the educational process at the higher education level, practical training involves the practical consolidation of knowledge gained in the study of theoretical disciplines, the development of students' skills of future professional activity.

Heads of faculties in their speeches touched upon the issues of passing practices and internships by teachers and students in the departments of future employers, conducting off-site classes, involving the heads of structural units of the territorial law-enforcement bodies in teaching activity, the functioning of the polygons of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, coordination of educational and program documentation with future employers.

The attention of the participants was focused on the problematic issues of practice-oriented training: the lack of a unified approach to the analysis of the results of practices and biased evaluation of their results. As a result of the discussion, a decision of the Council was developed, the purpose of which is to eliminate shortcomings in the implementation of this activity.

In the category "Miscellaneous" the Scientific and Methodological Council discussed issues related to the examination of educational publications, approval and recommendation for approval of educational and program documentation, expertise, recommendation for approval and exclusion of electronic educational and methodical complexes from the State register of information resources of the Republic of Belarus.

Summing up the meeting, the Chairman of the Council Alexey Bashan noted the fruitful nature of the discussion and thanked the participants for their active work.

Galina Babich

department of methodological support of educational process

Photo by Sergei Varikhov