The future is interactive multimedia technology

The general academic open lesson on the academic discipline "Civil Law" was held under that motto.

Associate professor of the Department of Civil and Labor Law, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, lieutenant colonel of police Alexander Voityul focused attention on the the concept and types of invalid transactions, as well as the legal consequences of the invalidity of transactions.

The presentation of the theoretical material of the lecture was consistently supplemented with relevant examples from law enforcement practice. The use of a variety of visualization tools and infographics in the presentation: the diagrams, charts, tables, illustrations made it possible to ensure the visibility of the issues under consideration.

The special interest of the audience was caused by the QR code technology used by the lecturer, which is based on the use of plickers - special cards, which are a code for reading by a smartphone. The intellectual warm-up carried out with the help of interactive technologies allowed to update the material of the topics covered, and the final survey revealed the level of attentiveness of the audience and the degree of assimilation of educational material.

After completing the lesson, the lecturer received many positive reviews and questions regarding the used multimedia technologies. The lesson was useful and memorable for both students and faculty members present.


Department of Civil and Labor Law