Exciting educational quest during open lecture

It was impossible to find an empty seat in the audience during the lecture on the academic discipline "Criminal Law".

In the framework of the open general academic lecture Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Candidate of Law Sciences Tatyana Kattsova elaborated on the topic "Criminal Law. Principles of the criminal law”. The focus was on the concept, meaning and conditionality of criminal law, current criminal legislation, the structure of criminal law and criminal law, the principles of criminal law in space and time, the retroactive force of criminal law.

The lecture was accompanied not only by theoretical material, but also by interesting examples from judicial practice, as well as a clear, original presentation.

The students were also asked to go through an educational quest - to find the “key”, which will allow them to go to the materials of the next lectures. It was necessary to correctly answer the questions that appeared during the lecture. Despite the complexity of the questions, the absolute majority of the audience coped with the task.

Throughout the class, Tatyana Kattsova interacted with the audience, allowed to express their opinion on the most problematic issues of the lecture. That allowed to increase the cognitive-mental activity of students.

A large number of positive reviews testified to the genuine interest not only from the students, but also from the teachers.

Department of methodological support

of the educational process.

Photo by Dmitry Lasevich.