Academic open lecture as a theater premiere

Lecture on the basis of the Faculty of Investigators was held fascinating and interesting.

"Today we will not write but will watch, listen and talk", said senior lecturer of the Chair of Forensic Examinations of the Faculty of Investigators, PhD in law, a major of militia Ruslan Ropot, when started his speech on “Forensic Weaponology. Forensic Ballistics“.

At the beginning of the open lecture the students were given support positions threads, containing all the necessary theoretical material. It allowed the teacher to consider in detail the most difficult moments and not to waste time on note-taking.

After the introduction when the teacher accentuated the relevance of the topic, the lecture grew into a fascinating performance.

The harmonious combination of the presentation of various weapons from the full-scale collection of ballistic objects of the Chair of Forensic Examinations, the teacher's explanations, as well as movies fragments ("Brother", "Brother 2") contributed to a productive discussion between the teacher and cadets.

When demonstrating atypical weapons Ruslan Ropots howed how a simple ballpoint pen made shot. It arosed interest both among the cadets and teachers attending the lecture.

Of particular interest was the staging by cadets, demonstrating the mechanism of committing assassinations. Realism of the happening, including sound effects of shots and appropriate musical accompaniment, caused excitement among the public and allowed the teacher effectively explain the problem of multiplicity of scene examination zones.

Ruslan Ropot held an open lecture vividly and unforgettably.


Tatiana Szczerba,

Department of methodological support of the educational process.

Photo by the Chair of Forensic Examination of the Faculty of Investigators