Protection of the training practice of cadets in the Academy of the MIA

Defense of the training practice of cadets of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is going well!

How important is the practice for the cadet? This is a real opportunity to consolidate your knowledge and skills gained in the learning process.

So the main task of first-year students is first of all acquaintance with the activities of law enforcement bodies, while acquiring primary skills in carrying out service for the protection of public order.

It is more difficult for cadets of the second and third year. Depending on the specialty and specialization, cadets learn to be ready for independent activity, applying their professional skills and skills in their chosen specialty.

So, for future employees of the criminal investigation, this is the study of the operational situation in the serviced territories, the investigators learn how to conduct investigative and other procedural actions, and forensic experts conduct separate types of forensic examinations.

Sergei Karnilovich, a third-year cadet, shared his impressions with his impressions: "In practice, in the Svisloch ROVD of the Grodno region, he participated in drafting the protocols for a survey of witnesses, was present at the examination of detained citizens, worked with the district inspectors to practice the territory served, attended public sessions of the court on administrative and criminal cases" .

From September 4 to 12, cadets of the 1-3 courses of the police, investigative and criminal executive departments pass the current certification on the results of their practice for the 2017/2018 school year. Adoption of differentiated credits based on the results of practice is carried out by the heads of practice from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For successful protection of the results of practice, each student provides a practice diary, a report on the work done and a review of the practice leader.

Department of educational process planning

Sergey Varikhov

Photo by Sergey Varikhov