The first open lecture is a platform for the implementation of new techniques

New academic year - with the implementation of new techniques!

Senior lecturer of the Chair of Constitutional and International Law, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Lieutenant Colonel of the Militia Ekaterina Mazanik held an open class on the academic discipline "International Law". Fourth-year students of the faculty of the militia, representatives of the teaching and methodological department, as well as adjuncts of the scientific and pedagogical faculty, were presented material on the subject "Concept, subjects, sources, basic principles and the system of international law". The lesson used teaching methods such as story, lecture-conference with analysis elements, visualization. A video on legal issues of determining the international legal personality of the state was also shown.

At previous seminars, future officers actively discussed issues related to international legal norms and, as a result, delegated one of the cadets to speak at an open class.

The lecturer focused on the relevance of the legal regulation of international relations and gave exhaustive answers to questions from the audience.

Department of methodological support of the educational process

Ruslan Bereznev

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