Professional-applied physical training: a new format of classes

Teachers of the departments of operative-search activity and administrative activities of the Department of Internal Affairs of the faculty of militia take an active part in occupations on the professionally-applied physical training.

For the first time in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the framework of practical-oriented training, classes are held with cadets of the 4th year of the faculty of the militia, trained at once by three departments: professional physical training, Department of Detective Activity and Department of Administrative Activities of Internal Affairs Bodies of the Faculty of Militia

The main purpose of these classes is to improve the training of cadets in conditions as close as possible to the real ones. The trainees are offered specific life situations related to their future professional activities (detention of persons committing administrative offenses or crimes). At the heart of the training is the principle of gradualness - the consistent complication of the proposed situations (the number of offenders, their weapons, the degree of resistance). Cadets need not only to assess the situation, technically correctly implement the methods of detention, use special means, to achieve consistency in the actions of the group that performs the detention, but also not to violate the requirements of the law, as well as formalize procedural documents. The students were pleased with the innovation and are eagerly waiting for each lesson.

Department of methodological support of the educational process.

Photo by Nikolay Tsyrkunov