Infographics - a fashion trend or a necessity?

The seminar was held to improve professional skills.

An unusual seminar on improving professional skills was held at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Being the flagship of legal education, the militsa higher educational institution is interested in the constant increase of the effectiveness of education.

This time, the topic for discussion was infographics, its introduction into the educational process, the effectiveness of the use, the methods of creation and most importantly, the help services that will not only facilitate the work of the teacher, but will also prompt ideas for a vivid demonstration of the teaching material.

Within the framework of the seminar was a pleasant gift for the whole faculty was the presentation of the site of the educational-methodical department. Its creation is timed to the Day of Administration.

"One of the main tasks of the educational and methodical management is the planning and organization of the educational process in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We perform not only administrative functions, but we always try to help the teacher, creating optimal access to the necessary information. An Internet resource is the best way to organize a methodical space that is active at any time of the day, "said Elena Kotenko, who temporarily acts as the head of the teaching and methodical department.

Department of methodological support of the educational process

Yuliya Kozyak