Scientific circles of the Academy MIA of the Republic of Belarus

At the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a leading institution of higher education, a number of scientific circles function. Taking an active part in their activities, the student receives the latest scientific information and, while working on a particular scientific topic, often offers new, non-standard and original solutions to service problems.

Any student of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has the opportunity to become a member of a scientific circle, choose a topic in accordance with their scientific and practical interests and carry it out under the guidance of a supervisor. In the future, following the results of student research and conferences, scientific articles and theses are published in domestic and foreign publications, authored by cadets.
Крюков Владимир Николаевич

Vladimir Kryukov

assistant professor Department of Administrative Activities of Internal Affairs Bodies of the Faculty Militia
Candidate of Law, Associate Professor
lieutenant colonel of militia

cabinet: 342
phone: +375 17 289-21-01

Scientific problems developed by scientists of the department,become the subject of studyin the framework of the research work of cadets, students and students.

Воропаев Дмитрий Александрович

Dmitriy Voropaev

assistant professor Department of Theory and History of State and Law
PhD in law, Associate Professor, major of militia

cabinet: 423
phone: +375172182166

Plan of workHistory of succes
Научный кружок кафедры теории и истории государства и права

We will teach you to understand people; understand yourself;independently explore the inner world, the behavior of people, and not be afraid to experiment; understand the nature of conflicts and manage them for professional purposes ...

Схопчик Ольга Эдуардовна

Olga Shopchik

Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy
Candidate of Psychological Sciences,
lieutenant colonel of militia

cabinet: 428
phone: +375 17 2892395

Plan of workHistory of succes
Научный кружок кафедры теории и истории государства и права

«Cursed Craft»

The participation of cadets in a scientific circle makes it possible to express themselves, to take an active life position already from the cadet bench. It trains virtually all aspects of a future highly qualified specialist of the law enforcement agencies.

Гайкович Сергей Леонтьевич

Sergey Gaykovich

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Criminal Executive Law
major of militia

cabinet: 504 A
phone: +375 17 357-80-43

Plan of workHistory of succes

Research is being conducted on the topic: "Constitutionalization of the activities of law enforcement state bodies of the Republic of Belarus in the context of digitalization of public relations".

Волчкевич Ольга Владимировна

Olga Volchkevich

Lecturer at the Department of Constitutional and International Law,
major of militia

cabinet: 328
phone: +375 17 289-21-14

План работыИстория успеха
Научный кружок кафедры теории и истории государства и права

«Investigation and forensics»

Most of the members of the scientific circle have achieved significant success in science, having passed the algorithm
"Scientific circle - master's program".

Шаматульский Игорь Александрович

Igor Shamatulski

Deputy head of the Department of crime investigation of the investigative expert faculty
PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Lieutenant Colonel of militia

кабинет: 402 ул. Багратиона, 85
телефон: +375 17 373-68-41

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