Scientific battles of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Научные бои Академии МВД
«Научные бои-2019»
Rules of the contest

Each participant is given 5 minutes to talk about his scientific work in simple language. At the same time, participants cannot use their usual presentations. To convey to the public their extremely difficult scientific studies with intricate terms, participants can use unusual props: pictures from popular TV shows, Internet memes and videos, humor, unexpected analogies, you can even read rap - any methods are used to win the battle. Behind all this variety of forms should be serious content - the most genuine scientific research.

Winner selection
The winner is determined by the audience and members of the jury. The votes are equally divided: 50 to 50.
How to participate?
If you are doing cool research, speaking at conferences or just interested in science - fill out the questionnaire and maybe next time you will represent your department on the big stage of the academy.
How to get into the team of organizers?
If you want to help participants prepare their performances, come up with props, organize a platform, design, maintain the atmosphere in the scientific ring, write interesting articles or shoot exciting videos about the project, fill out the questionnaire and we will do the most incendiary project about science together..