Scientific battles of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Научные бои Академии МВД
«Научные бои-2019»
Rules of the contest

Get creative and prepare a 5-minutes original presentation to share your scientific discoveries and achievements. To do this, it is necessary to send an abstract and a description of the idea of your speech to the email address of the organizing committee: After studying the submitted materials, the jury informs the authors about their further participation in the competition.
During the second live stage, contestants present their scientific research projects with or without the original visualization tools in a generally accessible form within 5 minutes. Taking into consideration the results of the presentations, the jury decides the participants of the final stage of the competition.
The final group of participants re-submit their research projects in accordance with the rules of the second stage, which are further rated by the jury members. At this stage the jury decides the winner of the competition.

Winner selection

The winner of the competition is the participant who receives the highest score as a result of the jury members’ decision. Spectators decide the winner in the nomination "Audience Award".

How to participate?

If you are involved in scientific research, speak at conferences and want to share your discoveries, new scientific problems revealed by you, send your abstracts to the organizing committee, as well as the description of the idea of yourthe speech and fill in a form on the website of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

How to get into the team of organizers?
If you want to help participants prepare their performances, come up with props, organize a platform, design, maintain the atmosphere in the scientific ring, write interesting articles or shoot exciting videos about the project, fill out the questionnaire and we will do the most incendiary project about science together..