Olympiad of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus

The Olympiad of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is an intellectual competition, which is held with the aim of popularizing among students a high level of knowledge, expanding their horizons and developing their abilities.

For participants, the Olympiad is the direction of personal growth and intellectual development, the search for new friends and like-minded people, the opportunity to touch on advanced research opportunities and be noticed by the head of the state body in which you will have to serve after graduating from the Academy of the Ministry of Interior

For teachers, the Olympiad is the best way to interest students, trainees and students in the disciplines taught, to demonstrate them with a new side.

For customers, the Olympiad is a platform for systemic selection of personnel for positions requiring individuals, their replacement, an analytical mind and a high level of intellectual development.

Participation in the Olympics helps to consolidate and deepen knowledge, skills and abilities, to motivate students to further productive work in search of new horizons of achievement.

The tasks of the Olympiad attract and encourage the spirit of rivalry, but despite this, they unite the participants, organizers and customers of personnel.

Here they meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Non-standard thinking, original ideas and creativity are valued here.

Here participate, compete, win.

Olympiad participants of group A (1-2 courses) will compete in the next competitions



Competitive stage involves the execution of tasks, the results of which will determine the participants of the quarter final.
It is held in the framework of the section “Powerlifting”.


Individual work involving the self-fulfillment by all participants of each team of test tasks for academic disciplines “General Theory of Law”, “Constitutional Law” and “Administrative Law”. The results of the tasks performed by each participant are summarized and the team total is summed up.


The quarterfinal will be attended by no more than 8 teams, recognized as the best in the qualifying round.
During this day of the Olympiad, the contestants will have to pass the following tasks:

Short track

Teams must solve short video problems.


Teams must consistently answer the questions united in a single system (crossword).



Teams compete with each other in the knowledge and ability quickly and correctly answer questions.
Логотип олимпиады Академии МВД


The task is to select the necessary associative triads of terms and (or) expressions.


Participants will have to analyze a practical case on law enforcement from a legal point of view and beat him assigning roles.


Team captains prepare presentations on the proposed problem.


4 teams will take part in the semifinals, they coped with the tasks of the quarterfinal best of all.



Teams are to find errors in the legal act and translate it into the Belarusian language.


Within the framework of the final two team duels will take place: one for the 3rd and 4th places, the second for the 1st and 2nd places.



In each round, team representatives are asked one question. Participants who gave the wrong answers are eliminated. When the last member leaves, the team ceases to participate in the raffle.