Educational process planning

Educational process planning
Planning of the educational process is a way of coordinating the elements of the educational process, linking the learning work of students and faculty into a single system, the requirements of normative legal acts and educational and program documentation, the capabilities of the material and technical base, and allowing to achieve the objectives of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



Current planning of the educational process

The main document that unites the teacher and the student in a particular audience at a certain time is the schedule of training sessions.
Today, the department has an electronic database for drawing up schedules of training sessions, which allows to quickly regulate the employment of the teaching staff and the audit fund.

Calculation of the volume of study work

One of the most important elements in planning the educational process is the calculation of the volume of educational work. Calculation of the volume of academic work - a document that determines the amount of academic hours in the academic year in accordance with curricula for specialties and the number of students.

Final examination of students

Every year, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs produces hundreds of graduates from its walls. The diploma is given to students who have successfully passed the final certification. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the State Committee of Forensic Expertise, the State Control Committee, the State Border Committee, the Ministry of Defense take part in the final certification as chairmen of the State Examination Commissions (GEC).