School for beginner's lecturers

School for beginner's lecturers

At the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, special attention is paid to working with teachers and senior teachers who have had more than three full years of teaching experience in institutions of higher education. The beginner's teachers relate the university's hopes for further development. Fresh views on education and upbringing bring positive changes to the work of the teaching staff.

Занятие в Школе начинающего преподавателя в Академии МВД

Work with beginner teachers begins at the department of the Academy. For beginners, teachers are assigned mentors who assist them in mastering professional skills and help them to adapt in the team. The work of mentors is organized in accordance with the Instruction on the procedure for organizing mentoring in the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Belarus. Its results are discussed at the meeting of the department and are included in the general report of the department for the academic year.

Teaching beginners to the basics of pedagogy and methods of teaching in higher education occurs in school of beginning lecturer. The plan of the school's work is formed taking into account the interests of students and the features of the academic disciplines taught by them.

Every month from October to May, the staff of the educational and methodical management conducts training seminars, round tables, problem lectures. The students of the school study various forms and methods of updating the basic knowledge, graphic facilitation, gaming methods of conducting training sessions, reflexive techniques. Training in the work with the educational-program and educational-methodical documentation in the university, the study of the subtleties of the application of the rating system contribute to the success in future pedagogical activity.

Занятие в Школе начинающего преподавателя в Академии МВД проводит Котенко Е.В.
Занятие проводит Котенко Е.В.
Занятие в школе начинающего преподавателя в Академии МВД
Доцент кафедры уголовного процесса Академии МВД Якубель
Experienced lecturers of the Academy are happy to share their professional knowledge with their budding colleagues. In the training classes-demonstrations devoted to the problematic issues of teaching, practical assistance to beginning teachers is provided.
An important direction of the school's work is the preparation and conduct of training sessions by beginning teachers using modern trends in the pedagogy of higher education. Together with the staff of the methodical support department of the educational process of the teaching and methodical management, plans are drawn up for the conduct of classes, discussions, classes with elements of business and role play, "competitions-tournaments", etc.
The students of the school experiment with various forms and methods of carrying out the actualization of basic knowledge and reflection. In the classroom there are staff of educational and methodical management and other beginning teachers who discuss the merits and demerits of the demonstrated teaching methodology. One of the stages of schooling is the writing by novice teachers of methodological articles published in the information and methodological collection "Organization of the educational process." The articles highlight innovative approaches to teaching and reflect the personal pedagogical experience of listeners.
The duties of beginning teachers include independent study of regulatory legal acts regulating the organization of the educational process in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the experience of highly qualified teachers, methodological support of the taught academic disciplines. It is compulsory to attend general academic open classes, as well as study sessions conducted by the faculty (at least once a month).
In preparation for the conduct of training sessions, novice teachers develop educational and methodological documentation coordinated with the mentor and approved by the head (head) of the department: a lecture plan, a plan for the conduct of a practical (seminar, laboratory) class. The lecture plan is necessary for senior lecturers who have an experience of giving lectures on academic discipline of less than 3 years. The plan-summary of conducting a seminar, practical, laboratory session is necessary for teachers and senior teachers who have an experience of teaching this discipline for less than 3 years.

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Beginner Lecturers -

Structural elements of the lecture summary plan
  • theme of lessons;
  • educational and educational purposes;
  • list of training questions and time calculation;
  • place;
  • order of lecture;
  • the material on each subject.
Structural elements of the plan-summary of the seminars, practical, laboratory classes
  • subject matter;
  • learning and educational purposes;
  • list of training questions and timing;
  • method of conducting classes for each question;
  • tasks for independent work;
  • abstracts of the issues addressed.

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